Reselling Domain Names and Websites

Recovering Hidden Revenue Reselling Domain Names and Websites

Websites take time, effort and money to develop and with the numbers of companies fighting for Google rankings with Search Engine Optimisation service companies means that an established website can be worth a lot of new business to competition. One of the ways Google and friends tells the real companies from false 'SEO landing' pages is by how long the domain name has been registered - fronts to catch internet business tend to have a short shelf life - and so the domain name and website of a company can provide valuable leads to any company.

First of all it is important to note that domain names are essentially just road signs that point you to an internet address.

If you click you still get to, the domain name just points you at the address.

When we sell a domain name we are simply selling the pointer which the new owner can point at any internet resource or website they wish.

The servers operated by 123-reg are used to administer these domains but 123-reg are a reseller of Tucows who are the official registrar.

The domains names are registered as follows:


Registrant Name: Simon Cooper
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 7 Winnersh Fields
Registrant City: Wokingham
Registrant State/Province: Berkshire
Registrant Postal Code: RG41 5QS
Registrant Country: GB
Registrant Phone: +44.8448801618


These details have been looked-up using something called a WHOIS which interrogates the servers on the web and displays the relevant contacts for that domain.

The registrant is the actual owner of the website as officially recognised by Nominet who are the .uk name registry here in the UK, founded in 1996.

The nominet website WHOIS lookup. is showing us that the registrant name is Simon Cooper and that the domain belongs to Ltd. The registrants address is given as well as some other details.

Along with the registrant is also the admin contact and the technical contact. The admin contact may often be the technical department who administer the domain on behalf of the owner and the technical contact will often be the domain registrar whose details are held as a party to contact in case of loss of service.

The admin contact is the vital contact to have control of when trasfering a domain name. If you have access to the admin contact email address you can recover the password for the web portal and point that domain name wherever you wish.

On some domain registrar portals you can also change the registrants details and so change ownership of the domain.

When we are looking into which domains are owned by insolvent companies the registrant and the admin contact are of vital importance and are the defining factor in deciding who or what rightfully owns a domain.

When selling a domain price and marketing are of vital importance and we work closely with our clients to ensure they get the price they expect and that they are expecting the right price.

Many of the domains that remain unsold are due to over-pricing and mis-marketing and we take every step to avoid either.

All of the domains we have for sale include a landing page such as the one at which advertise us as the exclusive agents of the sale as well as communicating all of our contact detail. As the price of domains can change during a sale we do not advertise the prices directly on these pages but await sales enquiries instead. Our brokered domains can be purchased online at our online domain name store.

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