Specialist Data Recovery and Bespoke Hosting Services from InsolvencyIT

InsolvencyIT provide a range of bespoke services to the Insolvency profession including data recovery, security audits, domain name and website reselling and IT other advanced solutions

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Data recovery on the day of case appointment

If you are concerned about data being hidden from your view or being destroyed on or soon after the day of appointment then we can help. We can ensure all passwords and remote access codes are changed on the day and perform an audit to see if any equipment has disappeared recently.

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Analysing client data on our web portal

Have us upload your clients' data to our web portal so that you can check financial and other payroll figures to make sure everything has been accounted for at your convenience without interfering with your client. Our solution allows for a complete working copy of their system to be brought on-line without any impact on the original.

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Recovering value from computer systems

Resell computer equipment and software or other property such as websites and domain names. Recover monies against your case based on intellectual property encased in the computer systems and Internet resources by getting a realistic valuation from insolvencyIT. Our experts can guide you on who and where to sell as well as what prices you should expect.

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