Copying Server Data from Insolvent Companies

Secure your Clients Data in our Cloud Services and Keep Information Safe and Accesible. We Obtain Client Data at Date of Administration to be Hosted Securely for you to Access at Any Time

Our service provides you with a fully working mirrored copy of your clients accounting and email computer systems. You can audit, analyse and report upon the data to your hearts content without your client having any control or knowledge of your activities so that cases can be completed with minimum fuss.

Data is retrieved from the client as soon as we are appointed to a case and we coordinate with the administrators to make sure that the data retrieved is exactly what is needed for the case to be completed.

We will search the client systems for any hidden files that may have been lost or concealed and return a fully working version of the system to our data centre. We then secure the data with codes that the administrator can use to access the data from their offices so that the administration has all of the information required to complete the case.

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