Insolvency Work Pricing and Fees

Data Recovery and Hosting per case Pricing

We have to be adaptable in our pricing because we know that every client provides different challenges on a case by case basis. Some cases can be fairly straighforward whilst other cases can take many days of work and can demand a lot of improvisation rather than simply fitting in with how we might perform such a task.

As a result we have a basic set of prices per case that are subject to change based on time and effort incurred by our staff.

AppointmentBasic CostExtra UnitsAdditional Cost per unit
Administration (Data Recovery and Hosting)£900 per caseExtra client visits or days on site£750 for each extra day
Consultancy (Staff Monitoring and Status Assessment)£1000 per day of consultancyExtra Consulitng Days£1000 for each extra day
Contracts Handling and Administration20% of reduction recoveredOn a per Contract Basis20% per Contract

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